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Enterprise e-Commerce Solutions

your success is our aim

Are you looking for a superb internet trading platform for your business?
At Merus we are specialists in tailor-made, integrated on-line catalogue solutions.
Our complete, cost-effective systems are carefully designed to provide unmatched performance for you, your customers and business partners.
We can create a unique platform compatible with your existing systems, enabling your business to expand while remaining refreshingly simple and familiar to use.
With Merus, even complex, high volume requirements are transformed into smooth-running, scalable operations tailored to your needs.

Merus mercatum™

Take a look at Mercatum, our versatile, strongly-supported platform for e-commerce.
Developed exclusively by Merus, it is designed to give a performance second to none.

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How we work

Merus prides itself on offering total support and service from start to finish.
Our unique J2EE compliant e-commerce solution provides everything you need for optimum peformance.
Merus manages your project from its initial specification through to installation, maintenance and support.
We then ensure it performs to your demands and continues to give your business a vital platform from which to launch future success.

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Let's talk

Is your turnover greater than £5,000,000?

Then let's talk.
Merus is wholly committed to your success and we would like to be part of your organisation.

Please ask us for references.


+44 (0)1453 708 600

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How we work

Put simply, Merus can enable your business to achieve maximum profitability.
We do this by creating superbly efficient e-commerce catalogue systems with astonishingly low running costs, high speed and flexibility, based on our own mercatumô product.
Merus carries out the complete set-up of mercatum™. We provide all software and install the system on a server and ISP host of your choice.
Our skilled staff work swiftly and comprehensively to deliver results for you, on time and in budget. We believe it is this, coupled with unmatched service and support, which gives Merus the leading edge over competitors.

Smooth project roll out

All our clients benefit from a dedicated project manager who oversees the entire set-up process, ensuring wide-open communication and seamless delivery.
Merus offers a host of vital features, foremost of which is our ability to integrate your new trading platform with the systems your business already uses.
Not only that, but we will adapt our design to reflect the look and feel to your brand. This means that you will be enhancing your business your way, using your own tried and trusted systems.

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Highly responsive support

Merus prides itself on swift, friendly and comprehensive support if you need to change things fast. Pick up the phone: help is always at hand.

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Training and consultation

Merus aims to make the integration of our system with your business run without a hitch.
We are here to help, wherever you need it.

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Merus gives security top priority.
We provide the highest, up to date standards; we implement transactional security standards and we offer a high standard of client confidentiality.

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Our set up fees are extremely competitive. Once you are up and running, our cost effective support packages mean that you pay only for what needs doing. If you take advantage of our pay-as-you-go service, you only pay when you actually need our support and maintenance services. Alternatively, opting for our fixed annual fee gives you complete coverage with no hidden costs.

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Independence, scalability and speed lie at the core of our unique mercatumô system. Merus has developed mercatumô as a vital e-commerce tool which functions to Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2ee) standards, enabling your business to perform to an entirely new level.
It operates as a smooth interface between your back office and the internet, accessing the best of the systems you currently use to run your business and integrating them with trading partners.

Main features

This feature set can be adapted to suit your needs.

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Technical Background

mercatumô currently runs under Java 1.5.

A typical set-up will use: Linux; the Apache HTTP server; Tomcat (the glue between Apache and Java) and, for the database, Postgre SQL.

Using such high quality open source software enables us to provide our clients with stable, scalable systems at very competitive prices. For high-availability, high-performance, we offer a postgresql database cluster that allows you to scale your mercatum installation to very high levels of user visits.
mercatumô is also designed to make effective use of caching: keeping pages in RAM minimises the need for the significantly slower process of reading from hard disks, especially when they are frequently viewed.

It also reduces the hit to the processor for pages that do not need to be re-evaluated each time they are accessed.

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PCWorld Business

PCWorld Business sells computers, consumables and various IT-related products to the UK business community. PCWorld Business is part of the Dixons group. We run a number of Dixons Retail sites in addition to PCWorld Business; these include Equanet, Macwarehouse, and Microwarehouse.

"Merus have worked in partnership with PCWorld Business for many years now, and this partnership has been instrumental in the delivery of exponential growth of our on-line sales.

The flexibility, speed of response and can do attitude of Merus is instrumental in our ability to quickly react to changes in market conditions or business strategy. As a trusted member of our eCommerce team Merus deliver on time and on budget, every time. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation that is serious about eCommerce."

Craig Williams, e-Commerce Manager, DSGi Business

Ricoh Group

Ricoh Group is a global company selling total document solutions under the brands Ricoh, Nashuatec, Rex-Rotary, Gestetner and Lanier.


"Our task was not an easy one - we had to integrate our whole European dealer network through one business platform - allowing orders to be channeled back to the individual operating companies with various back-office systems.

Merus' committed staff put together a solution that addressed all our issues - providing all the flexibility needed to cater for 15 different countries.

Not only did they deliver the solution as promised, but we are getting excellent support and short response times to change requests."

Roy Bramall, Marketing Director, Ricoh Group

About Us

Merus is a small, skilled team of developers and project managers.

Our staff comes entirely from an e-commerce background, with all having over a decade of experience in the sector.

We are dedicated to providing quality Java- and Python-based solutions to companies with high turnover.

Our mercatum™ platform has been developed to follow a philosophy of pure, clean code. It provides simple, speedy and scalable integration into back office systems, portals and procurement products.

A central tenet of Merus - and what makes mercatum™ so effective - is its ability to expand and adapt to meet even the most complex needs of our clients.

We believe passionately in open standards and follow the recommendations released by the World Wide Web Consortium to ensure wide accessibility.

Most of our work is carried out on Linux or other Unix-like platforms and we sometimes fund the development of open source projects to better meet the needs of our clients.

Merus Software Ltd. began operation in May 2001 and reached profitability at the end of June 2001, without using any credit facilities or third-party financing. The company has been profitable ever since.

Our customers really feel we are part of their growing organisation - your success is our aim.

Please ask us for references.

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